Team Building Programs in Bangkok & North Thailand

One of the world’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities, Bangkok offers a wonderful mixture of new and old. Whether in your hotel meeting room or journeying down the vibrant River of Kings visiting magnificent temples, your time playing together here will assuredly be a memorable one. Browse through our extensive program menu below.

Note that our Bangkok team also services other destinations in central and northern Thailand, including Pattaya, Hua Hin, Khao Yai, Kanjanaburi, Chiang Mai, etc.

We go where our clients go!

Our Bangkok Team Building Program Options

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At hotel or nearby area: Great as a break-out from tough meetings or to start/finish your overall event, these traditional and very effective programs can be set up as back-to-basic refreshers or more in-depth challenges with meaningful debriefing sessions. The choice is yours, along with activity types, in these flexible and stimulating programs that always get the job done!

HALF-DAY (~2-4 hr), 'DREAMTEAM OLYMPICS', at nearest beach or garden area:

Get your group outside the meeting room for some fresh air and energizing with this wacky but beneficial program. Excitement and team spirit are the name of the game in this Olympic-style competition featuring your choice of games and team initiatives. With appropriate music to start and gold medals to finish, get ready for some competitive craziness with hilarious photos to remember it all!

HALF-DAY (~4 hr), ‘CORPORATE CULTURAL CREATIONS’, at hotel or nearby area:

Give your group a chance to develop vital team concepts while also learning about Thailand’s wonderful culture. After earning their supplies and checking out the experts’ examples, the teams will need to come up with something as good or maybe even better! The challenges can including Thai dancing, fruit carving, batik painting, etc., but no matter what they create we're always impressed!


On a tight schedule? This program is an ideal way to combine sight seeing and team building if you're short on time. Following clues and traveling by the city's modern Sky Train, your group will have a chance to visit temples, markets, museums, historic sites, schools and parks as your delegates experience the interesting mix of new and old and that makes the City of Angels such a dynamic and interesting destination.


Similar to our Bangkok Discovery Challenge program but your delegates will be traveling by traditional long-tail boats along this historically and economically important waterway. Inspiring sites such as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and the Temple of Dawn are sure to impress your delegates as they accomplish the special team tasks along the way. Come join us for fun and adventure on the mighty River of Kings!

HALF-DAY (~4-5 HR), 'NATIONAL TREASURE HUNT', Thailand National Museum:

If your group would prefer to take it easy, learn a bit about Thailand and develop their team at the same time, this program will get the job done with plenty of fun. A convenient option during the wetter season as most everything takes place under cover, it's a great museum with plenty to check out, so let's see if your teams can find their way through history by working together!


Do you want to bring your team to the next level? This program is specially designed to develop self-confidence, support and trust concepts within the group via your choice of high adventure activities, all under the professional and safety-minded care of our experienced Facilitators. Don’t let your company become a dinosaur and suffer the same fate – empower your people to meet today’s dynamic and ever-changing business world head on, with a “Can do!” attitude.

HALF-DAY (~4 hr), 'DREAMTEAM DRAGON BOAT RACING', at nearest beach or lagoon:

Dwelling somewhere in the heart of each and every one of your colleagues is the ability to achieve greatness. Give them the chance to feel the power that comes with having tried their best during this powerful program. For thousands of years, groups have been demonstrating their prowess and team skills with canoes. Follow in their paddle strokes and show the world what your team is made of!

HALF-DAY (2-5 HR), 'IRON CHEFS!', at hotel and nearby area:

This is a take-off from the popular TV program, and it's just as fast-paced and fun with something for everyone to do. Reinforcing the importance of efficiently utilizing resources, while working together toward shared goals, it's tasty team building fun and the results are always fantastic! For groups on tighter schedules try our shorter 'Delicious Desserts Challenge' to add a fun and colorful element to your team's lunch or dinner!

HALF-DAY (~2-4 hr), ‘THE BIG PICTURE’, at hotel or nearby area:

Does the left foot always know what the right foot is doing in your company? Let us help your group look at the larger picture, which can be your logo, meeting theme, company slogan, picture of a big tree etc., but regardless the process is always an enjoyable and effective way to reinforce the vital concept of ‘One team, one Dream!’.

HALF-DAY (2-4 hr + dinner time), ‘ACADEMY REWARDS’, at hotel or outside venue:

Test your group’s creative skills and team spirit during this enjoyable program that ties in perfectly with a dinner event. After earning their cameras the teams will need to make a fun and crazy video, with the results being edited then shown and judged during your evening for some laughter-filled, personalized entertainment that delegates are sure to remember!

HALF to FULL-DAY (~4-8 hr), ‘LET'S MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE’, location variable:

One of our specialties, this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)-type program is a fantastic opportunity for your team to bond on a totally different level. Using a hands-on approach to community service, organized under a solid umbrella of team concepts, we can arrange a meaningful project that will directly benefit those in need. Very possibly the most powerful program your group will ever experience – unforgettable!

FULL-DAY (8-hr), 'FLIGHT OF THE DREAMTEAM GIBBONS', at pristine rainforest area:

Come fly through the treetops with DreamTeam Adventures and our close partner, Flight of the Gibbon. Available only for groups in either Chiang Mai or Bangkok-Pattaya, we combine our stimulating team building initiatives with one of Asia's highest quality tours to make as well-rounded a team building program as you will find anywhere in the world. Flight of the Gibbon is a series of zip-lines, abseils and sky bridges through the rainforest canopy, combining exciting action and learning about the flora and fauna of this most precious element to our survivability. This is an experience your delegates will remember and cherish the rest of their lives!

(30 min. - 1 hr), ‘DREAMTEAM DINNER ENHANCERS’, at hotel or outside venue:

If you want to have everyone feeling relaxed and upbeat during your evening event, let us conduct some laughter-filled games while our energetic Program Leader helps set the appropriate mood and tone for your special night together. Let's party DreamTeam-style!

(2-3 hr), ‘MISS YMCA BEAUTY CONTEST’, at hotel or outside venue:

The concept isn’t new but if people aren’t falling out of their seats in laughter during this crazy event, we’ll give your money back! We also have John Travolta disco dancing competitions and Team Air Guitar Contests, all of which give your delegates a chance to let their hair down for some fun they'll be talking about for years!

Safety First

We realize how important it is to run safe and secure team building programs. As such, safety is paramount in all DreamTeam programs and always comes first, no matter what the circumstances. We maintain first class insurance with a leading international insurer and always plan our programs with safety at the forefront of our minds.

Our staff are trained to international standards in safety, first aid and lifesaving procedures and attend ongoing training courses. In addition, when we need to outsource elements of a program, we hold contracts with only the safest and most reliable local operators.

In each and every program, there are at least two senior facilitators who are fully trained and experienced lifeguards/water safety advisors and they have the final call when it comes to water safety, whether in the ocean or a pool.

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